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    Biography - Maroon 5

    Maroon 5 is an American pop rock band from Los Angeles, California. The group originally formed in 1994 under the name Kara's Flowers, while the members were still in high school. In the report, Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden and Ryan Dušička wrote a contract with Reprise Records and released the album The Fourth World in 1997. After the unexpected failure (worldwide has sold only about 5000 pieces), the band broke with their recording studio members pay for college. In 2001, a group of rebirth as Maroon 5 and added to her guitarist James Valentine.

    Furthermore, Maroon 5 signed with Octone Records and recorded their debut album in 2002. Album Songs About Jane was released in June 2002. Single from him "Harder to Breathe" helped the album become famous and put him at number six on the Billboard 200 list for the second and the third single, "This Love" and "She will be Loved" became a worldwide hit in 2004. Afterwards the band won a Grammy Award - Best New Artist - in 2005. over the next few years, Maroon 5 toured around the world in support of Songs About Jane and released two live recordings: 2004's 22.1. 03 and a 2005's Acoustic Live - Friday the 13th. In 2006, drummer Ryan Dušička left the band and was replaced by Matt Flynn. Then the band recorded their second album It Will not Be Soon Before Long in early 2007. Album was released in May and was the first in the Billboard 200's first single, "Makes Me Wonder" was the Maroon 5 first number one single on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100

    Hands All Over - the group's third studio album was released in September 2010. Single "Misery" was the 15th top hit on the Billboard Hot 100, while the fourth single from the album, "Moves Like Jagger" became the second single Maroon 5 who got to the top Hot and Spicy 100 and sold over 8.5 million (June 2012) copies worldwide. The last, fourth studio album the group - Overexposed was released in June 2012. Album got to the 2nd Billboard 200 His first two singles, "Payphone" and "One More Night", the two have become international hits and also reached the top of the billboard 200 (1st and 2nd place). Since 2002, the band released in the United States has 10 albums.